My Everything(M/V)


Inha(Male Chracter) is living a life of debauchery.

He is living a meaningless life now. But He used to play the violin and everyday he takes it out with him in memory of those days.

Then one day, he meets a lady (Sujung) who is a street performer. She dreams of one day being and opera singer, but her deteriorating eye sight
isn’t helping fulfil this dream.

Even though she is losing her sight; she lives her life by singing on the street day by day. Sujung influences Inha to change and
Inha rediscovers his forgotten dreams as he starts to play the violin at all of Sujungs performances.

They finally get a chance to fulfil their dreams by receiving an invitation to perform at a church concert.
Inha looks back on the past with Sujung while he isplaying and feels his heart being lifted up.